VIDEO: Sal Governale and JD Harmeyer Both Say They Suffer From Sleep Paralysis

But only one of them explains to Howard how he overcomes it via “astral projection”

October 1, 2019

While discussing the sleep paralysis Stern Show guest Billie Eilish revealed she suffers from on Monday’s show, Howard was shocked on Tuesday to hear how staffer JD Harmeyer believes he has the same condition.

“Billie Eilish said two seconds but for me it feels like minutes,” JD explained of how long he’s incapable of moving when he wakes up sometimes. “I’m laying there and I, like, wake up but my mind is awake … like I’m still sort of dreaming a little bit, but I’m awake and I can’t move.”

When Howard asked if such episodes scared him JD responded “of course,” adding there are times he even struggles to breathe during these episodes.

“Someone said that if you tried to blink you’ll wake up but that hasn’t worked so far,” he told Howard.

One person who allegedly does have the cure to sleep paralysis is fellow staffer and sufferer Sal Governale.

“Everything is happening to Sal in his sleep,” co-host Robin Quivers noted. “His dog talks to him, he levitates, and he is paralyzed.”

According to Sal, the key to beating sleep paralysis is releasing your soul from your body, otherwise known as astral projection. The staffer confirmed he’s flown out of his body and into several rooms of his house. When Howard wondered why he wouldn’t fly out of the house, Sal revealed that in fact he has. “I did indeed leave the house and I shot up to the stars,” Sal said. “I was going very, very fast, extremely fast, and I got closer and closer to the stars and I did panic and then I woke myself up.”

Howard wondered if maybe he was just dreaming, but Sal insisted he knew it was astral projection because “you’re in real time.”

As he’d previously explained on air, Sal claimed to have floated while watching Jimmy Kimmel on his TV. “Jimmy Kimmel was on television. I saw a buddha and a giant hand,” Sal told Howard. To the right of Jimmy “was a beautiful gold buddha with all these jewels and to the right of that buddha was a giant, giant hand with long fingers and it was reaching out to me.”

“It’s quite the gift you have Sal,” Howard said, before adding, “Gary, call security.”

Meanwhile, Sal might have mastered the art of astral projection, but he is still working on quitting vaping. “I’m in dabbling mode,” the staffer said.