Jon Hein Passed Up Gourmet Meals for Fast Food While in L.A.

Chef Nobu himself couldn't get in the way of the staffer's desire for hot dogs and hamburgers

October 23, 2019

Stern Show staffer Jon Hein’s notoriously specific eating habits came under fire once more on Wednesday morning, this time with Howard zeroing in on his behavior during their recent trip to Los Angeles.

“It’s unbelievable to me,” a baffled Howard said. “Our show in L.A. was so classy, we had catered lunches from Sunday through Wednesday … in radio this is unheard of.”

“It was the most amazing thing Howard,” fellow staffer Jason Kaplan agreed when remembering the barrage of gourmet offerings, including upscale breakfasts and regionally themed lunches with cuisines such as Italian and Chinese. “So nice … thank you, seriously.”

Jon, however, didn’t find any of it appetizing.

“It turns out that Jon was just not happy about lunch … which is absurd,” Howard marveled. “On Tuesday instead of the Chinese food we were given for lunch Jon went to Fat Burger, on Wednesday instead of the Italian food we were served Jon went to McDonald’s.”

In the week that the show was in L.A., the “Fast Food Maniac” author visited In-N-Out Burger three times, Fatburger twice, and Pink’s Hot Dogs and McDonald’s once, even bypassing sushi served at a SiriusXM event by legendary Chef Nobu to eat three hot dogs instead.

“I didn’t know it was Chef Nobu serving it,” Jon admitted with a laugh on Wednesday.

Jon’s eating habits are so specific that he skipped a sushi dinner with friend and colleague Gary Dell’Abate one evening, instead driving around town and visiting a Rite Aid and record store while he waited.

“I feel bad for you in a way … you’re not opening up to great things in life,” said a concerned Howard.

Jon, on the other hand, looks at it from a very different perspective.

“I don’t feel that way. I feel like I enjoy the other stuff so much,” Jon said. “In-N-Out is my Nobu.”