Jason Kaplan Visits Wendy the Slow Adult at Her Rehab in Florida

Stern Show staffer updates Howard on the longtime Wack Packer’s health

October 29, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wendy the Slow Adult is making major progress in her recovery following a 2018 car accident that injured her right leg and landed her in a rehabilitation facility. Jason Kaplan gave Howard an update on the Wack Packer’s health on Tuesday after he visited Wendy down in Florida over the summer.

Getting to Wendy wasn’t easy. Jason traveled by plane to Orlando and then rented a car for the 90-minute drive to the rehab center where she was being treated. Wendy has long admitted to having a crush on Jason and her excitement to see him walk into her room that day proved she still had feelings for the Stern Show staffer.

“I’m George Clooney when I show up,” Jason told Howard.

He didn’t come empty handed, either. Jason brought lunch from Wendy’s (the fast food chain) and the two ate in the Wack Packer’s room while watching one of her favorite TV shows, “The Middle.”

Jason also sat in on one of Wendy’s physical therapy sessions and observed as she worked on learning to walk again. “She took five steps. They told me they were the only steps she had taken,” Jason said, adding how the staff suspected Wendy was trying to impress him. “They asked if I’d come back every day.”

“The thing that made me feel really good was the staff – super nice,” Jason continued. “They were all very friendly, all very friendly to her.”

And the staff at Wendy’s rehab evidently took great care of her as she’s now back home with her mom. Here’s hoping Wendy continues on her road to a full recovery!