Show Rundown: November 4, 2019

Howard has trouble watching “Terminator: Dark Fate”

November 4, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Audiences got to see the newest “Terminator” movie when it hit theaters over the weekend, and Howard was lucky enough to get his own streaming screener of “Dark Fate” to enjoy in the comfort of his own home.

Or so he thought.

Almost as soon as he and his wife Beth sat down to watch Linda Hamilton and recent Stern Show guest Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising their famous action flick roles, the movie shut off. “It just completely closed down and I couldn’t ever get the movie back up,” Howard told Robin on Monday morning. “I saw five minutes of the movie.”

Because the system Howard uses to watch these advance copies is so technically complicated, he unfortunately wasn’t ever able to get the movie to start playing again, though he did say he enjoyed the five minutes of the film he did see.

“I only wish our nuclear codes were this well protected, like our movies are,” he joked.