VIDEO: Brent Hatley Admits He and Katelyn’s Recent Swinging ‘Experiment’ Went Too Far

“It kind of weirded us out and we kind of didn’t like it,” the staffer reveals

November 4, 2019

Brent and Katelyn Hatley’s swinging saga took an unexpected turn on Tuesday when the sexually adventurous Stern Show staffer came into the studio and admitted he and his wife’s recent bicoastal exploits went too far.

“This whole L.A-New York experiment with us doing stuff apart? It kind of weirded us out and we kind of didn’t like it—either one of us,” Brent told Howard. “So, we’ve decided we’re going to do stuff together.”

The revelation came after Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund offered up thoughts on why Brent had grown perturbed when his colleagues suggested Katelyn’s one-time lover the Jackhammer participate in an upcoming game of Hollyweird Squares.

“I think you opened up this door where you exposed your whole life on the air and now it’s coming back to bite you in the ass a little bit,” Ronnie told Brent. “You’re like a beaten man.”

Howard had a hypothesis of his own. “My theory is men called Jackhammer, generally you don’t put them around your wife, period. I don’t care if you’re swinging or not,” he joked. “Chris Wilding said he looks like Thanos and he wasn’t far off.”

Brent insisted things were great between him and Katelyn but conceded they’d taken things too far with the separate swinging. Still, he didn’t regret giving it a shot. “It was an experiment that we decided to let the audience in on,” Brent said.

“We’re figuring out what it is that we like,” he added.