VIDEO: Stern Show Unveils Brand-New Gary Dell’Abate Puppet

“The only thing that’s inaccurate is the weight. This puppet is a little thin,” Fred Norris jokes while giving Baba Booey a whirl

November 4, 2019

Gary Dell’Abate got a major upgrade on Tuesday as the Stern Show unveiled a brand-new puppet styled after Howard’s longtime executive producer.

“This is fucking scary,” Fred Norris announced as he put his hand into the Gary Puppet and showed it off to Howard and co-host Robin Quivers.

“Oh my goodness,” Robin exclaimed.

A tad less cartoonish than the previous incarnation which served the show well for so many years, the updated hand puppet pays homage to Baba Booey’s evolution over the decades, complete with grey hair, stylish glasses, and a blazer.

“The only thing that’s inaccurate is the weight,” Fred joked. “This puppet is a little thin.”

“No offense but the teeth, too,” Howard laughed.

Fred proceeded to deliver a series of Gary impressions with the new puppet, bragging about a recent trip to “The Brady Bunch” house with his Wrap Up Show co-host Jon Hein and droning on about his Top 10 desert island albums, a reference to one of the chapters in his 2010 memoir “They Call Me Baba Booey.”

“Gary Puppet, I don’t mean to stop you, but I’m falling asleep over here,” Howard interrupted with a laugh. Check out the new Gary Puppet in the video (above).