Show Rundown: November 19, 2019

Howard weighs in on MSNBC's “FartGate”

November 19, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

A sudden burst of noise was heard on MSNBC’s “Hardball” on Monday night but host Chris Matthews and his guest, California congressman Eric Swalwell, are denying that what viewers heard was a fart. Howard, however, disagreed at the start of Tuesday’s Stern Show.

“There was an obvious fart and Chris Matthews is calling it fake news. He says it was his cup running against the desk,” Howard said with a laugh on air. “There’s no fucking way.”

When Robin Quivers questioned Howard’s staunch stance on the issue, he was adamant. “People are experts in sports … people are experts on the stock market, I’m an expert on farting,” he said of his credentials. “I know when it’s a fart and this was a fart.”

Doubling down on his opinion, Howard was intent on debunking the official explanation for the unsettling noise. “Here’s a mug, the Jeff the Drunk ‘Chello’ mug … and I have a similar surface here to the desk at MSNBC,” Howard said.

“You don’t know where that cup was,” Robin argued. “It could have been sitting on a mat.”

Howard went on to compare the noise he created from his mug to the audio heard on MSNBC but his co-host still wasn’t convinced. “You don’t even know if it’s the right kind of mug,” a skeptical Robin protested.

“Yeah it is … they have a ‘Chello’ mug on the set,” Howard joked.

Howard played the clip once more and defended his ruling. “I’m a fart scholar, I’ve studied farting since, I don’t know, college,” Howard beamed. “You can’t sneak a fart past Howard Stern.”

Watch video of Howard’s demonstration (above) and judge for yourself.