AUDIO: Howard Debuts a New Mumble Rap Featuring Leon Spinks, JD Harmeyer, Asian Pete, and Robin Quivers

“This is the world premiere of ‘Mumble in the Jungle,’” Howard announced before playing the new track

December 2, 2019
Photo: PR Photos/The Howard Stern Show

Mumble rap has been steadily growing in popularity for nearly a decade now. Even Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan considers himself a fan of the music subgenre. But on Monday morning, Howard and Robin listened to a few examples of mumble rap and neither could make sense of why songs with nearly no intelligible lyrics could be so sought-after.

It also gave Howard an idea – create his own mumble rap track using audio directly from the Stern Show. Former heavyweight boxer and past Stern Show guest Leon Spinks lends his familiar voice to this new tune, as do Wack Packer Asian Pete and Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer.

“This is the world premiere of ‘Mumble in the Jungle,’ our new song,” Howard announced before playing the track. “In honor of Robin, I put her in the background vocals.”

Hear the full mumble rap track in the audio (below).