Show Rundown: December 2, 2019

JD Harmeyer had Thanksgiving dinner at a vegetarian restaurant

December 2, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

There was no turkey to be found at JD’s Harmeyer’s Thanksgiving dinner table this year. On Monday, the Stern Show staffer told Howard and Robin how he spent the holiday with his wife out at a vegetarian restaurant.

“I had a nice seitan. It was okay,” JD told them. Though he enjoyed his dish, he admitted he wasn’t quite sure what exactly he was eating, guessing seitan is made from mushrooms. Robin corrected him, explaining it’s actually a high-protein food made from wheat.

While JD’s dinner may have been meat-free, he admitted to Howard he did eat some turkey earlier in the day, ordering a more traditional Thanksgiving meal for lunch.

This venture into vegetarian fare is just the latest example of JD’s ever-evolving appetite. In 2018, he described a wild game dinner he had where he ate an antelope burger. He’s also become a bit of a fine wine connoisseur, regularly going on tasting trips and frequenting wine bars around New York.

Howard heard JD and his wife did more than just eat on Thanksgiving, though – the two also went down to where the balloons were being blown up for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

“It was something to do,” JD explained for why he wanted to see the familiar inflatable characters take shape. However, he and his wife decided not to attend the actual parade.