VIDEO: Watch Benjy Bronk Play a Hazmat Worker on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

The Stern Show staffer attempts to show off his range in first acting role since ‘Sharknado 4’

December 2, 2019

Benjy Bronk has been seduced by the bright lights of Hollywood once again. On Monday morning, Howard revealed the Stern Show staffer and star of several “Sharknado” films made a guest appearance on the iconic soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” while he was out in Los Angeles back in October.

“A producer for ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ offered Benjy a cameo role on an episode so of course Benjy jumps at the chance,” Howard told his co-host Robin Quivers. “You know how he always screams and yells … that seems to be the only thing he can do no matter what the show, no matter what the part.”

“He’s got one speed,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate agreed.

Though his role as a hazmat worker only had three lines, it didn’t stop Benjy from coming up with an elaborate backstory for his character. “I thought I could be a forester, as like a black sheep of the family, that they don’t realize actually works as a hazmat worker,” Benjy suggested to a producer named Casey.

“You better be a damn good actor if you’re going to create a backstory,” Howard said.

During rehearsals, Benjy conveyed his worries about Howard’s critiques and wondered the different ways he could play the role. “I don’t want to do it exactly the same as all those ‘Sharknado’ ones, I want to show my range, which is why I think I should do like a British accent,” Benjy said before demonstrating his prowess with accents.

“Benjy … right now you’re at a 10, take it down to a 5,” the director fed back during the run through.

As for the final performance, Benjy gave himself mixed reviews. “I think it went okay but it definitely could have been better,” he critiqued.

Producer Casey, according to Benjy, was more gracious. “He told me that was the best cameo of season … and he told me they were going to try to work me back in,” the staffer reported.

Watch Benjy’s appearance for yourself in the video (above).