Sal and Richard Celebrate the Success of ‘Howard Stern Comes Again’ Nude in Studio

But a foul smell nearly ruins the on-air festivities

December 3, 2019

There was some big news to share on Tuesday morning after Howard learned his book “Howard Stern Comes Again” was the best selling nonfiction book of 2019 on Apple. To mark the occasion, Stern Show staffers Sal Governale and Richard Christy wanted to celebrate, so long as they could do it in the nude.

“Sal and Richard have put together something … they’ve tied a string to their penises,” Howard told his co-host Robin Quivers.

“They’re holding a banner, there’s a banner that’s going to celebrate what’s going on,” executive producer Gary Dell’Abate explained.

“It’s in honor of you, Howard,” Sal added, now naked in the studio.

Despite the special occasion, an offensive odor threatened to dampen the mood. “His cock does reek a little bit today,” Sal said of his co-worker Richard’s nether region. “As soon as he dropped his pants, everybody got a little bit of a waft.”

For further confirmation, Gary even went the extra step of smelling his colleague’s private area. “You know when you own a cabin and you haven’t opened up the windows for the whole summer … it’s moldy,” he detailed.

When Howard checked out the smell for himself, he was much more direct. “This is disgusting,” he exclaimed.

Moving on from the smell in the room, it was time to get back to the celebrating the book. “Each of the guys is going to put their dick in the hole,” Gary detailed.

“This is called docking,” Richard elaborated before offering more salutations. “Congratulations Howard!”