VIDEO: JD Harmeyer Struggles to Explain Everything From an Episode of ‘Hot Bench’ to His Love for Filet-O-Fish Sandwiches

Stern Show staffer weighs in after celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman takes Chris “the Bagel Boss Guy” Morgan to TV court

December 10, 2019

Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman recently took fellow Stern Show veteran Chris “Bagel Boss Guy” Morgan to TV court on the show “Hot Bench.” On Tuesday, JD Harmeyer struggled to explain to Howard and his listeners exactly what transpired.

“So, Damon like proved—was able to prove—that, uh, he paid Bagel Boss guy a certain amount of money … and then he was able to prove, uh, somehow that, uh, uh, that something with losing money, the pay-per-views or something—he got back like two grand or something,” the Stern Show staffer said to a chorus of confusion.

As JD continued recapping the episode, he only mudded things even further. “Well, one of them didn’t want to give Damon that much, but the other two judges, like, they, they came together and, uh, and they agreed, they, uh, they,” he said, starting to trail off.

Howard and his co-host Robin Quivers laughed about how JD earned a degree in communications, yet that subject seems to be one he struggles with the most. But JD insisted he could be an effective communicator in the right situations. “Listen, when I know something I’m good at communicating it out,” he said.

“What do you know?” Robin asked. “Because we’d like to know something.”

Considering JD won last year’s Emotional Friends Fantasy Football League championship, executive producer Gary Dell’Abate suggested he talk about his team’s upcoming playoff match. JD obliged and managed to speak about it somewhat coherently.

“Not great but not bad,” Robin said.

Howard then questioned JD about another of his areas of supposed expertise: McDonald’s’ famed fish sandwich. “Tell me, with detail, why is Filet-O-Fish the best sandwich ever?” Howard asked.

JD laughed for a few seconds before responding. “Well, uh … I like, uh, fish,” he said. “I like fish and it’s got tartar sauce. The tartar in the mixture is very good. The bun—the bun they have with it is very good. So that’s, you know, it goes down easy, you know?”