Brent Hatley Can’t Stop Smelling His Wife but Michael Rapaport Begs Him Not to Talk About It

“Do you understand how revolting it is to hear Brent discuss anything sexually?” the actor says over the phone

August 14, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Katelyn Hatley keeps in shape by completing some serious sweat-inducing workouts throughout the week. But before she gets home and heads into the shower, she can count on her husband, Stern Show staffer Brent Hatley, asking her permission to take a sniff.

“I love all her smells. All her natural smells, I love it,” Brent admitted on Wednesday.

Howard and Robin both couldn’t believe Brent would want to do something like that, let alone that he had the gall to ask his wife for her permission. Robin for one wanted to hear exactly how Mr. Hatley asks his better half if he can do such a thing.

“You want to hear the words I use?” Brent said with a laugh. “I was like, ‘Hey, uh, can I smell your sweaty beav?’”

Brent’s co-worker Chris Wilding regularly hangs out with the Hatley’s outside of the office and reported seeing the couple getting very hands on recently while the three of them were at an outdoor festival. Chris told Howard he even witnessed Brent pull out the waistband of his wife’s pants so he could sneak a peek inside at one point.

“I like Brent and Katelyn an awful lot. It’s just, you know, outrageous behavior,” Chris said.

“It was a festival. We were being festive,” Brent replied.

Later in the show, actor Michael Rapaport called in to issue a complaint about Brent’s on-air stories, telling Howard all of the details being shared were grossing him out.

“Do you understand how revolting it is to hear Brent discuss anything sexually?” Rapaport grumbled. “It’s disgusting, Brent.”

Brent fired back that Rapaport was just jealous of him since he has a “young, hot wife,” but the actor denied it. Some others on the Stern Show suspect this is just Michael warming up for the start of the Fantasy Football season where he’s always known to trash talk all of his competitors.

“He’s got a lot of anger,” Gary declared.