Brent Hatley Reveals He’s Suffering From ‘Excruciating’ Migraines

As a result, the staffer says he’s now “completely done” with diet soda and ibuprofen

January 13, 2020

Brent Hatley revealed he’s recently been suffering from horrible migraines. As a result, the staffer has had to drastically change some aspects of his lifestyle.

“I’ve gotten these debilitating headaches since I was 14. They’ve been infrequent my whole life, but now they’re up to the point where they’re every day,” Brent explained on Monday’s show. “They’re excruciating.”

“The whole left side of my head hurts,” he continued. “All the way through my tongue, through my shoulder, through my head … my vision gets blurry. I’ll end up puking if I don’t take something for it.”

Hoping to get some answers, Brent recently visited a specialist in Manhattan. Though the doctor still plans to run some more tests, she told Brent one cause for the headaches might be his overconsumption of diet soda and ibuprofen. Now he plans to eliminate them from his life altogether.

“I’m completely done,” Brent pledged. “She said, ‘No more ever again.’”

Luckily for Brent, a noted marijuana enthusiast, his weed habit isn’t one the doctor has asked him to kick. She did, however, wonder if stress wasn’t one of the factors affecting his health.

“What is all this stress you’re under?” Howard’s co-host Robin Quivers wondered.

Howard thought he knew the answer to that one. He surmised Brent’s oft-discussed swinging lifestyle had been stressing him out—after all, it did recently result in his wife Katelyn having sex with a porn star named Jackhammer who later came onto the show.

“I’m telling you, you gotta stop,” Howard told his staffer.

Brent didn’t think that was an issue, but further complicating matters he said the exam also revealed high blood pressure. “It was 190 over 106,” he said.

“Oh geez,” Howard’s co-host Robin Quivers—a former nurse—said. “You’re not overweight and you eat well, so why’s your blood pressure sky high?”

“I have no idea. Maybe I’m getting old,” Brent told her.

Howard wasn’t buying it. He was sure swinging was somehow the culprit. That’s when Brent’s colleague Ronnie Mund offered up a compromise: the Hatleys should start limiting themselves to threesomes.

“If he wants to do some kind of swinging, bring a girl home,” Ronnie suggested.