Show Rundown: January 13, 2020

Howard celebrates another year on the planet with an early dinner out with Beth plus gifts from Memet and Jimmy Kimmel

January 13, 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started Monday’s Stern Show by mentioning he celebrated his birthday over the weekend. “It was my birthday yesterday,” Howard noted. “The great Rob Zombie … it was his birthday yesterday, too.”

Howard said he related to something Rob told him about how it seemed their shared birthday came quicker with each passing year. “It does feel like they’re rolling in quicker and quicker,” Howard agreed.

“Time has sped up somehow,” co-host Robin Quivers asserted.

While Howard didn’t want to do anything special on his actual birthday, Beth insisted they go out to eat and found a place that was open early for dinner. “She said, ‘No, we’re getting dressed up and going out’,” Howard said. “That’s why I love her, she takes the shittiest parts of me and makes them better.”

In the middle of describing his day with Beth, Howard was interrupted by executive producer Gary Dell’Abate. “Memet has a gift … something small that he wanted to give to you for your birthday,” Gary mentioned. “He wanted to give it to you before the show but we ran out of time.”

Is it another one of his goofy gifts?” Robin wondered, recalling some of the other gifts Stern Show staffer Memet Walker has given Howard in the past.

“It’s stupid. It’s a refrigerator magnet with Dr. Now quotes to remind you not to eat,” Memet told Howard once in the studio. Dr. Now is, of course, best known from TLC’s show “My 600-lb Life” which Howard has been watching recently.

Another person to gift Howard on his birthday was friend and travel companion Jimmy Kimmel. “Jimmy sent me four boxes of stuff … all little different tight outfits for me to work out in,” Howard said with a laugh. “It was very sweet of him.”