AUDIO: Howard Has a Conversation With All of Fred Norris’s Robin Quivers Sound Drops

From “I will fuck you hard, like a teacher” to “she has perfect tits,” several Robin favorites got played on Tuesday

January 21, 2020
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard’s co-host Robin Quivers is a cornerstone of the Stern Show, but on Tuesday he realized his sound effects extraordinaire Fred Norris has collected so many sound drops of her over the years that they could practically fill in for her if needed.

The discussion arose after the timely drop of a classic Robin line—“I will fuck you hard like a teacher”—and it got Howard thinking. “How many drops of Robin do you have over there, Fred?” he asked. “That’s pretty awesome.”

“Like 10 billion,” Robin guessed.

“Here’s the wall,” Fred said, unloading a barrage of favorites from “horse cock is fun” and “my ass is my legacy” to a variety of gurgling sounds and maniacal laughs.

“I could just do a whole show,” Howard soon realized before giving it a shot. Take a listen to the King of All Media conversing with Robin sound drops (below).