Show Rundown: January 22, 2020

Howard and Robin play an impromptu game of charades together

January 22, 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

Failed communication led to some tension between Howard and his co-host Robin Quivers on Wednesday, leading to the two playing an impromptu game of charades on the air. “I walked in this morning and Robin’s in a glass booth so she can’t hear me so it’s almost like a game of charades,” Howard explained at the top of the show. “Did you know what I was saying to you?”

“Yeah, I finally figured it out … that you called me last night,” Robin responded. “I saw that you made a phone call to me but you don’t have any time signature, whether you’re going to call me or you already called me.”

The back and forth between the partners led to Howard suggesting they play the legendary parlor game. “Fred … write down the name of a title of a movie and submit it and I will act it out for Robin,” Howard instructed. “Let’s see how long it takes her.”

At the start of a ticking clock, Robin began guessing. “You’re blown … or you’re drowning … you can’t breathe,” Robin said.

“You’re terrible at this,” an increasingly annoyed Howard said with a dismissive wave of the hand. “You don’t see that I’m making wind?” he continued, referencing the film “Gone with the Wind.”

“I said you’re blown,” Robin defended. “Give me an indication that I’m in the right department.”

After a back and forth in which both parties accused the other of being “horrible,” Howard acted out another classic film, “Star Wars.”

“You’re looking for something … he’s fighting a battle,” an unsure Robin threw out.

“Robin, you’re horrible,” Howard determined. “I just acted out the whole thing.”

Eventually, Robin did figure out the answer, much to the relief of Howard and Fred Norris. “That was about a minute and fifteen seconds,” Fred observed.

“Holy cow, no wonder you don’t understand my message,” Howard noted.

The three decided to try one last round and, with the answer of “Brokeback Mountain,” Robin vastly improved with a response time of just 45 seconds. “Better, now you’re getting it,” Howard approved. “I’m gonna have a heart attack from this game – so much pressure.”