Show Rundown: January 27, 2020

Chris Wilding attends a Fred Norris rock concert

January 27, 2020
Photo: Shutterstock

Howard took a call Monday morning from a listener who recently attended a rock concert put on by none other than the Stern Show’s own Fred Norris. She said Fred regaled the audience with original songs, witty banter, and everything in between.

“He was fabulous,” the caller told Howard, adding, “He made some jokes, but he also told everybody to vote. He even did a bit of a radical song—one about war.”

Howard was curious about Fred’s stage presence and the caller told him Fred had “well-coiffed” hair and an “old person” East Village look. All things considered, she thought the ticket was a steal at only $10.

“I would’ve even paid $15,” she said.

“Is Fred like a Mick Jagger? Does he have some moves?” Howard wondered.

“I have no moves like Jagger,” Fred admitted. “I move as much as I can, but I’m connected to my pedals.”

Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding also attended the concert, Fred’s first in four years. He even recorded clips of Fred playing music and talking to the audience between songs. “I like it,” Howard’s co-host Robin Quivers said after hearing Fred rocking out.

Howard concurred, going so far as to say Fred had a “Gary Clark kind of vibe.”

“Fred’s the real deal, man,” Chris agreed. “He gets up there, he plays really well, he sings really well, he’s hot. It’s like a whole rock and roll deal … I was proud.”

While Chris thought Fred put on a great show, he did offer up one small critique: “There was a lot of banter between songs. More than I expected,” he said, adding, “At one point some guy leans over and he goes, ‘Does he talk this much at work?'”

“Well, I can learn from that,” Fred responded.