Gary Dell’Abate’s Rogue Nostril Hair Becomes a Snack for Richard Christy

“Why did I do that?” Stern Show staffer asks after accepting a dare from Howard

January 22, 2020

What started as a series of observations of Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate morphed into the discovery of a stubborn nose hair and, eventually, a snack for colleague Richard Christy.

“Richard was in here telling me Gary has a huge nose hair sticking out today,” Howard mentioned to co-host Robin Quivers Wednesday. “You gotta clip those things at least once a week.”

“I did,” Gary insisted. “I did it on Saturday.”

While the trimmer Gary used evidently didn’t serve its purpose, Richard was more than happy to get the job done and remove it himself. “I bet you if he pulls it out, you’ll sneeze … I make myself sneeze by pulling out my nasal hairs … I love it,” Howard said proudly. “Richard, pull out his hair.”

“He’s using his fingers, yuck,” Robin remarked as Richard went through with the procedure.

Closeup photo of Gary Dell'Abate's nose hair Closeup photo of Gary Dell’Abate’s nose hair Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“There it is, all gone,” Richard beamed.

After observing that Gary’s rogue hair was gray, Howard challenged Richard to take things a step further. “Eat it,” he dared his staffer.

Richard, for his part, didn’t as much as flinch at the suggestion and put the stray hair right into his mouth. “I don’t taste it but just the thought, now it’s tickling my throat,” Richard said amidst a chorus of dry heaving and disgust. “Why did I do that … that’s fucking vile.”

“I know he did that but somehow I feel violated,” Gary said with a laugh.