VIDEO: JD Harmeyer Is Pissed After Losing His Super Bowl Bets

Stern Show staffer loses $150 to Howard and Robin Quivers

February 18, 2020

Howard on Tuesday revealed the results of the staff’s Super Bowl LIV prop bets and while some on the Stern Show won some money the real story turned out to be JD’s losses. “JD left the Super Bowl party early because he was so pissed off about losing bets to Robin,” Howard announced.

Having only made two bets, it was choosing incorrectly that Doritos would air a commercial before Pop-Tarts that seemed to really perturb the longtime staffer. “Every fucking year Doritos has a commercial on like in the first half … this year they wait until the second half,” an annoyed JD observed. “I don’t even want to eat Doritos anymore.”

“Nah, I knew Doritos would be second,” Robin gloated “I won big there.”

JD’s only other bet, that Shakira would open her portion of the halftime show with her hit “Hips Don’t Lie,” resulted in the same fate. “I told you you were going to lose that one,” Howard, who won that bet, said to his staffer.

“Yeah I was stupid on that one,” JD admitted. “You want your money now?”

Fellow staffer Jon Hein, who actually lost more money than JD, doubled down on his colleague’s disappointment. “He was so upset,” Jon confirmed. “He texted me during the game, he was so upset.”

When JD threatened to put an end to his betting career, at least for the show, Howard objected. “But where will I get all my money?” the King of All Media joked.