Is ‘Movin’ On Up’ From ‘The Jeffersons’ the Greatest TV Theme Song of All Time?

“Movin On Up is a song everyone sings,” the host said in consideration

February 19, 2020

Upon mourning the death of “Good Times” actress Ja’Net DuBois and revealing the star also penned and sang the theme song for the groundbreaking sitcom “The Jeffersons,” Howard, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, and Jon Hein began to wonder if it was in fact the greatest TV theme song of all time.

“’Movin’ On Up’ is a song everyone sings,” Howard said. He should know, too – he sang the famous tune with the New York City Gospel Choir to commemorate his book “Howard Stern Comes Again” last year.

The theme to “Gilligan’s Island” was also considered during their discussion. “If you’re talking about a TV theme song that sets up the show and tells the story, then ‘Gilligan’s Island’, I mean that’s one of the top,” Jon considered.

“It’s catchier,” Howard said of why he thinks “The Jeffersons” has a superior theme. “See how you’re bopping your head Jon? That’s why it might be better.”

Several instrumental themes from shows such as “Mission: Impossible,” “Hawaii Five-O,” and “The Munsters,” were also contemplated. “I think I have to eliminate all the songs that don’t have lyrics because this is too difficult,” Howard decided.

And where does the more contemporary “Woke Up This Morning” from “The Sopranos” stand? “That might be the best one,” Robin said enthusiastically. “This got me ready for the show every time.”

At the end of the day, Howard’s original assessment held up. “I’m making the argument that ‘The Jeffersons’ is the greatest theme song ever written because it was catchy and it told a story,” he said. “Remember that name, Ja’Net DuBois.”