Chris Wilding Puts on His Exploring Hat for ‘Where Is High Pitch Erik’s Penis?’

“This is for science,” Stern Show staffer proclaims before searching for the Wack Packer’s manhood

February 26, 2020
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

High Pitch Erik got what he wanted Wednesday morning when Stern Show staffer Chris Wilding made good on his promise to explore the Wack Packer’s nether regions. The highly anticipated segment, officially titled Where Is High Pitch Erik’s Penis, brought Chris face to face with Erik’s infamous inverted manhood.

“You look handsome,” the Wack Packer told Chris, who wore short shorts for the occasion. “I like the rainbows, I like the hat, it looks fucking phenomenal. The arms are showing.”

“Part of this was to appeal to you, to be like a fantasy,” Chris admitted.

The other part for Chris, however, was to learn something from today’s segment. “As far as I am concerned this is medical and I do have some gloves here that I will be wearing,” he said. “If your cock is there, I will find it.”

With High Pitch’s leopard-print underwear and matching robe removed, Chris got to work trying to locate Erik’s penis.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“I have just seen pubes so we are in the right area,” Chris reported. “Oh my God … something flopped out and, Howard, it’s literally inverted. It’s almost like it’s imploded within the shaft itself.”

The only thing now standing in the way between Chris and the intended target was a piece of skin. “If I’m allowed to push that back I think we will see the head of his cock,” he suggested.

“Do it gently,” Erik said, giving Chris permission to move whatever he had to on his body.

“There it is, Erik. We found your cock,” Howard remarked.

“I can’t see a thing, thank goodness,” Robin joked from her obstructed view.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The action was far from over once Erik’s penis was tracked down, though. Without any warning, High Pitch produced a small jewelry box and asked Chris to remain kneeling. “I would like to put this ring on your finger and propose marriage to you, that way you can stay in the United States,” Erik said of his offer of commitment to Chris, who is originally from Canada.

“You never gave Donnie Wahlberg a ring,” Howard noted. “This is very sweet.”

“It’s a hundred times too big,” Chris observed of the $25 jewelry. “I think it was his ring and he’s just repurposing it.”

Despite having a “tremendous fondness” for the Wack Packer, Chris had to turn down Erik’s proposal. Stern Show superfan Mariann from Brooklyn called in with a suggestion. “Why don’t you take it as a friendship ring?” she recommended over the phone. “Come on, Chris. You know how he is. He’s very sensitive.”

“I will keep this, I will hold onto it, I will cherish it,” Chris said. He also agreed to go out to lunch with the Wack Packer at a later date.