VIDEO: Bobo Loses Thousands of Followers in Massive Twitter Movement

“This is a travesty,” the frequent caller says of the unexpected #UnfollowBobo campaign

March 4, 2020

When frequent caller Bobo wondered Wednesday morning why the official Stern Show Twitter account wasn’t following him, he had no idea it would give birth to a massive grassroots movement in which he would lose thousands of followers in just a matter of minutes.

“I’ve been associated with the show for almost 30 years, how do you leave me out?” Bobo asked Howard while also noting the account does follow several other high-profile listeners such as Wack Packer Mariann from Brooklyn.

“There’s no rhyme or reason who we follow,” Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate explained. “Nobody sat down, had a meeting, and said, ‘Let’s not follow Bobo.’ That didn’t happen.”

What did wind up happening, however was a fellow Stern Show caller proposing a mass unfollowing of Bobo. “Everybody that’s a fan that follows Bobo should just unfollow him,” he suggested on air. “Unfollow Bobo 2020.”

Howard barely had time to imagine the scenario before Gary had a report on the matter. “Movement’s already started,” Gary announced. “Everyone in the office is doing it right now. He’s already down 200 followers in a minute.”

“This is a travesty,” an irate Bobo said just before learning of an additional movement, in which listeners were following him just for the opportunity to unfollow. “We’ve gotta change this. I beg you, get on the mic right now, please tell everybody.”

Chiming in and not helping Bobo’s case was Mariann, who was quick to jump on the bandwagon. “You have this thing that you’re above the rest of us,” Mariann explained. “As a superfan, I suggest everybody unfollow you.”

“She might be a sheep in sheep’s clothing, that’s an old saying,” Bobo complained.

Before long, several Stern Show celebrity superfans joined the movement. “Jerry O’Connell just unfollowed him and just tweeted out to his 125,000 followers to do the same,” Gary said.

It wasn’t all bad news for Bobo, however, as he did receive some big-name endorsements. “Superstar Michael Rapaport tweeted that he does not support the #UnfollowBobo campaign,” Howard said.

“Jerry O’Connell felt bad and he’s re-following Bobo,” Gary added. “John Stamos, who had not followed, Bobo just started following him.”

“What is going in Hollywood?” a stunned Robin questioned.

Having lost more than 5,000 followers before the end of the day, at least one caller appeared hopeful. “This has totally restored my faith in the American public,” they admitted.