VIDEO: Nikki Glaser Stops by to Share Her Take on the Bobo Twitter Controversy

“You’re not doing a lot of original content. There’s no reason to follow you,” the comedian tells the longtime caller

March 4, 2020

Comedian, Stern Show veteran, and Sirius XM channel 95 host Nikki Glaser returned to the studio Wednesday to weigh in on a variety of topics, including Bobo’s mass exodus of social media followers and whether or not she planned to keep following the longtime caller on Twitter.

“I unfollowed and then I followed quickly again,” Nikki said. “I’m just—I’m on the fence, Bobo. I love you so much.”

Nikki explained her reason for continuing to follow him had more to do with pity than anything else. “I just thought about his family suffering because of this, his children and his wife having to hear about this all day,” she said with a laugh.

Even so, she admitted she doesn’t get much from his feed and isn’t above unfollowing him in the future. “You just retweet things, Bobo,” Nikki told him. “You’re not doing a lot of original content. There’s no reason to follow you.”

Howard wondered exactly what it is she’d like to see on his Twitter feed.

“I need you to post tweets that just aren’t retweets,” she said. “I want you to write like you talk. I want you to give us what we get on this show.”

When Ralph Cirella called in and reminded Nikki how Bobo often times tweets in the third person, she seemed to have a change of heart. “Yeah, Nikki doesn’t like that,” she joked. “I’m going to give you an unfollow as soon as I get back to my phone … it’s what the fans want, it’s what Robin wants, it’s what everyone wants.”

Gary ran Nikki’s phone into the studio and the unfollow happened live in the studio as Howard and Robin looked on.

“Bobo, it felt so good!” Nikki exclaimed. “My phone just got more memory suddenly.”