VIDEO: Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund Can’t Unmute His Computer to Give a Sex Tip to Jimmy Kimmel

“I don’t know any sh-t about this thing,” Howard’s head of security admits

March 23, 2020

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel hoped to receive another sex tip from Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund on Monday but there was one issue: Ronnie couldn’t unmute his computer to talk. “Oh he’s asleep,” Howard joked as his longtime driver and head of security remained silent.

“Bottom left there’s a microphone – unmute it,” Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate offered after Ronnie could be seen on video struggling, lifting his glasses up as he pushed his face practically against the monitor looking for a fix.

After several minutes, Ronnie was able to get his setup working. “You’re right, I don’t know any shit about this thing,” he admitted with amusement. “I did it.”

Much smoother was the recent beach vacation Ronnie and fiancée Stephanie took as a 70th birthday gift from Howard, despite the global coronavirus scare. “We had a blast man, we fucked all week … for four days man,” Ronnie told Howard. “The funny part was, we had brought this new cock ring that I had got … she had this little favorite vibrator that she likes, she brought that along. We packed up to leave … we left it in Puerto Rico. My favorite stuff.”

While Howard thought Ronnie might cancel due to the risk of infection, after checking with the hotel and airlines his longtime driver decided to soldier on. “We figured we were sitting in first class, it was just the two of us next to each other so we weren’t really sitting next to anybody,” Ronnie explained.

In addition to getting hot and heavy in their hotel room, Ronnie and Stephanie didn’t limit their lovemaking to indoors, either. “We were in the ocean and she started rubbing my dick in the water,” the limo driver revealed to Howard. “I got into her but it just felt weird in the ocean. I didn’t come in the ocean.”

“There’s a lot of grateful fish,” Howard joked.

“We finished off in the room and then we went back in the water,” Ronnie continued. “It was very secluded.”

Jimmy, for one, was dazzled by the tales of sexual prowess. “It’s impressive,” Jimmy allowed. “It’s what makes Ronnie, Ronnie.”

Fortunately for Ronnie and Stephanie, the couple just missed the resort’s closing down for quarantine and were able to fully enjoy the special vacation. “We lucked out, the weather was amazing, was 85 degrees and sunny every day,” an appreciative Ronnie said to Howard. “You couldn’t have sent me to a better place.”