Mariann From Brooklyn and ‘Alex Jones’ Call Into the Stern Show to Talk COVID-19

“I’ve always lived a super clean lifestyle,” the longtime listener declares

March 30, 2020
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard debuted his new and improved home studio on Monday as the Stern Show entered its second straight week of broadcasting while the entire staff is self-quarantining. In addition to superior sound quality, the newfangled setup allowed Howard to once again field calls from everyone from Mariann from Brooklyn to “Info Wars” host “Alex Jones.”

Mariann called in first, thanking Howard for staying on-air during the pandemic, updating him on a recent celebrity death, and revealing what measures she’s taken to avoid COVID-19.

“I’ve been living this life my whole life. I’ve taken off my shoes, I’ve Cloroxed my house going back before corona. I’ve always lived a super clean lifestyle,” the longtime caller told Howard.

“Alex Jones” phoned in later and offered up far less conventional quarantine tips. He started off by assuring Stern Show listeners they should consider investing in his line of food products, which he insisted would keep their bellies full while they’re unable to leave the house.

“The survival products are selling like hotcakes. The X-2, the Patriot Food Bucket—you can get two weeks of food for $800,” he told Howard. “You get the liberty eggs, the freedom chili, the powdered ham. Some customers have no issue digesting food, a lot of customers are having issues. It’s delicious.”

Howard was curious if the controversial talk-show host had any thoughts on the origins of COVID-19 and, sure enough, he did. “It was a man-made virus. Barack Obama made the virus five years ago,” Jones said. “It was five different viruses spliced together with an HIV delivery system and the reptilian Satanists have been walking among us with the virus for years.”

After serving up another product pitch—this time to the tune of “The Jeffersons” theme song “Movin’ on Up”—Jones told Howard the two of them actually have a lot in common right now considering both are making it their mission to speak truth to power from their respective broadcast bunkers.

“And stay away from the bubble wrap,” Jones offered as one final warning.

Take a listen to the full “Alex Jones” call (below).