Will Murray Reveals His Entire Family Probably Contracted Coronavirus

“Thank God we were self-quarantining,” the Stern Show staffer says

March 30, 2020

Will Murray has battled back another potentially deadly disease. On Monday, the cancer survivor and Stern Show staffer revealed that he, his wife, and their two children had most likely recently contracted coronavirus. Mercifully, all four of them have since recovered.

“Our whole family had it, but my wife is the only one who actually went and got a test,” Will explained on the air. “So, all the numbers are kind of meaningless out there. I think way more people have it than [the government is] claiming.”

“What was it like to actually have it?” Howard asked him.

“Well, I think we were pretty lucky because hers was pretty low-grade, which was still rough,” Will responded. “We both had low-grade fevers. We both just kind of felt awful. We ended up having a lot of stomach issues, which some people have, some people don’t. She had a bad cough—she had a hacking cough that still hasn’t quite gone away—but we didn’t have any of the respiratory issues, thank God, that people are really struggling with.”

While Will’s kids were scared he said their symptoms were relatively mild with both his son and his daughter presenting only fevers lasting less than a day. It was Will’s wife who was hit the hardest. “There were a couple days when she was in real bad shape. She couldn’t hold anything down,” he continued, adding, “The other thing that sucked about it … you’ll think you’re over it and it just lingers. Like, you can relapse and go back to feeling like complete shit again.”

As if fevers, vomiting, and toilet bowl-defiling bowel movements weren’t enough, the Murray family was also forced to endure a coronavirus-testing process that seemed neither quick nor efficient. Tests are hard to come by and it took his wife eight full days to find out she had indeed been infected with COVID 19. “We started showing symptoms on a Monday. She went to get tested on a Wednesday and then we got the results the Thursday after,” Will explained. “We were almost over it at that point. Thank God we were self-quarantining.”

Considering the Murrays aren’t the only Americans struggling to get tested for the coronavirus, Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate suggested there may be more people out there infected with COVID 19 than anyone realizes. “The numbers are way higher than what we’re seeing,” he said.

Howard, for his part, was just grateful Will’s family had made a full recovery. “I’m glad you’re feeling better and I’m glad your wife is feeling better,” he said.