JD Harmeyer Was Caught Playing Video Games During a Meeting

“There’s no excuse,” Stern Show staffer admits to Howard

April 29, 2020

Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer was caught red-handed recently playing video games during a staff Zoom meeting and Howard was quick to call him out on Wednesday. “What are you doing?” he asked point-blank. “I mean you’re in a meeting, you’re supposed to be professional.”

“There’s no excuse,” JD admitted before struggling to explain his actions. “I wasn’t really playing it, I was sort of like … it’s hard to explain. Basically yes, I was on a video game during a meeting that I don’t know what I’m doing at this meeting.”

Eventually, the staffer did blame fatigue for the misstep. “There’s like 50 million people in this meeting … I started zoning out after a little bit,” he detailed. “This was like my third meeting of the day.”

Fellow Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan weighing in on JD’s meeting conduct Fellow Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan weighing in on JD’s meeting conduct Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Fellow staffer Jason Kaplan had his own insight as to what happened. “The meeting JD’s talking about is probably one of the most important meetings we have each week,” he described. “We ask him to be there because his opinions and thoughts are valuable to us. It was just weird, we saw him with the controller in his hand, like he was trying to hide it under the screen … he’s clearly not paying attention.”

Though JD argued the meeting was so well-attended and that he chimed in whenever he had something to say, Jason didn’t let up . “To a lot of guys in the office you’re a senior guy, you’ve been here a long time,” Jason continued. “They see you, a senior guy, playing Madden for an hour and a half while we’re trying to create content for the show.”

“It was ‘MLB: The Show’,” JD corrected with a laugh before ultimately accepting responsibility for the faux pas. “I was very unprofessional.”