VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate Hangs His Wife’s Artwork Behind Him

“I like you better with a blank wall,” Howard tells his longtime executive producer

April 30, 2020

Howard called into question the paintings Gary Dell’Abate had hanging on the wall on Wednesday, which the Stern Show executive producer was quick to defend. “The TV people asked me to go around my house to look at different stuff to put up and everything that I could put up needed to have like a trademark or we couldn’t clear,” Gary clarified to his boss. “So finally I said, you know, I have my wife’s artwork, and they said put that up because we own it.”

“I don’t know, it’s aggravating,” Howard determined. “I love Mary’s artwork, don’t get me wrong. I like you better with a blank wall.”

Despite Howard’s insistence that the subject was phallic, Gary said otherwise. “That’s my microphones and an old radio,” he maintained.

“it looks like a big cock,” Howard said with a laugh. “I’m staring at a penis on top of your head.”

“A lot of my stuff was reflective, a lot of my stuff was glass,” Gary asserted. “Almost everything I have in the house is under glass … it’s framed and so that wasn’t working because I have this big light coming on me.”

All in all, Gary took the ribbing well and despite his annoyances, Howard had some positive words for his longtime executive producer. “I love Gary,” he concluded.