VIDEO: High Pitch Erik Gives a Zoom Tour of His Apartment

“I gotta say, Erik’s got a lot of expensive gear in his apartment,” Howard noted of the Wack Packer’s abode.

May 5, 2020

What started as a Zoom call which found High Pitch Erik simulating lovemaking with Stern Show staffer and crush Chris Wilding, morphed into a tour of his apartment, well-furnished thanks to his Cameo career.

“The fridge, the bed, the stove, these are all brand-new appliances that are not cheap,” staffer Shuli Egar told Howard and co-host Robin Quivers on Tuesday. “That bed he’s lying in … the cheapest versions of those beds start at $800, $900 dollars. You move on to the fridge, which was close to $2,000 … and the oven, which has a hibachi grill on it, was $800. He’s in this tiny shoebox apartment and … he’s got a Tony Soprano fridge in there, it’s beautiful.”

In addition to his refrigerator and pantry, which Shuli likened to a bodega shelf, Erik also keeps edible items in his bedroom. “This is my stash of candy in the bag,” the Wack Packer said of his cache, which contains peanut M&Ms and York Peppermint Patties.

“That’s right next to his bed so if he gets hungry in the middle of the night he doesn’t have to get up,” Robin guessed.

After showing the office where he gets through his Cameo requests, Erik moved on to his bathroom. “This is my bidet toilet,” the Wack Packer said before demonstrating how he uses it. “I have a heated toilet seat; it feels so good.”

When Robin noticed a heavy bag, Erik went on to explain how he lets go of stress. “I put my punching gloves on and instead of me threatening people when I get angry I hit the punching bag,” he revealed.

As far as entertainment and leisure go, High Pitch is more than covered. “This is my bar right here and this is my espresso machine and all my cigars are right here,” he announced proudly. “These are propane tanks for my electric heater so when I go outside I put my heater on … and be nice and warm when I smoke cigars. I have a PlayStation, a big TV …”

“He has three TVs,” Shuli corrected. “Two right next to each other on the wall … he has two so he can watch two different shows at the same time but they’re two inches apart.”

Howard, for one, seemed surprised at the Wack Packer’s elaborate setup. “I gotta say, Erik’s got a lot of expensive gear in his apartment,” he marveled. “I guess it’s all from all this Cameo money he’s making.”