Show Rundown: May 12, 2020

Howard remembers “Double Rainbow Guy” Paul Vasquez

May 12, 2020

Good Morning Everybody!

Howard spent time Tuesday morning celebrating the life of Paul “Bear” Vasquez who became an unexpected YouTube sensation in 2010 for his “Double Rainbow” video. Vasquez, who passed away over the weekend at 57, was remembered for his unique spirit.

“His exuberance and excitement over nature was infectious, I mean people loved him,” Howard said of the famous clip, which to date has over 47 million views. “The guy was just a good solid dude and we knew him from this video, but his whole life was kind of interesting.”

Continuing on, Howard mentioned Vasquez’s unique résumé which included jobs as a truck driver, firefighter, and even a cage fighter. “He fought one cage match, he lost and that was it,” Howard said. “He was just a character, you know, he had a full life.”