VIDEO: JD Harmeyer’s Wife Trapped a Mouse in Their Apartment … Or Was It Just an Alien Simulation?

“We got it in a thing … my wife did, actually,” Stern Show staffer admits

May 13, 2020

Howard commended JD Harmeyer Wednesday for bravely trapping a mouse in his New York City apartment, but the staffer admitted to his boss that wasn’t entirely accurate. “We got it in a thing, like a trap,” he explained. “My wife did, actually.”

“I knew it,” Howard teased JD with a laugh. “I was like, ‘Wow,’ … and turns out his wife did it.”

“It’s just how it happened,” JD defended after swearing he’d handled rodents for the couple in the past.

During his conversation with Howard, JD also copped to questioning if his entire life was an alien simulation and celebrating “Star Wars Day,” which happens every May 4th.

“You know how the saying is ‘May the force be with you,’ so the ‘Star Wars people have made ‘May the fourth be with you,’” he explained. “My wife is a ‘Star Wars’ fan so … we watched the first ‘Star Wars’ movie.”

After JD admitted to eating “Star Wars”-themed food and imbibing in a cocktail said to be from the planet Tatooine,” both Howard and co-host Robin Quivers felt compelled to comment.

“That is nerd central,” Howard declared.

“That’s right in the pocket of nerd,” Robin agreed.

“It made my wife happy so we did it,” JD reasoned. “She likes to make things fun and interesting.”