Jon Hein Reveals He Had a Constipation Problem of His Own

“The feeling of that thing coming out of you is the greatest feeling in the world,” the Stern Show staffer admits to Howard

June 15, 2020

Ronnie Mund isn’t alone.

Last week, the limo driver admitted to recently having a horrible bout with constipation. Now, fellow Stern Show staffer Jon Hein is sharing his own struggle. “I had a similar issue as to Ronnie but not at one point did I take any of my fingers and dig in like the claw and bring it out,” he told Howard on Monday morning. “I went to a local healthcare place … they didn’t like the fact that I was sweating and they worried about my blood pressure and a lot of things so they put me in an ambulance.”

Even at the hospital and under the care of medical professionals, getting the feces out of Jon was anything but a simple task. “They rolled me on my side and tried to get it out and it didn’t work,” he remembered. “And then a doctor came in and tried to help the nurse and that didn’t happen.”

“How many hands were in there?” Howard’s longtime co-host Robin Quivers wondered.

Ultimately, it was an enema that did the trick. “With all the water up there, that managed to get it out,” Jon explained. “Ronnie described it like giving birth … the feeling of that thing coming out of you is the greatest feeling in the world. It was pretty big … maybe the size of my fist.”

Ronnie, who took matters into his own hands to solve the issue, was critical of Jon’s actions. “Look at what he went through,” Howard’s head of security pointed out. “Within a half hour dude, I was better. I went to sleep after that like a baby.”

Still, with the threat of a heart attack and other issues, Jon was happy with the route he took. “The last thing I would do is – even though I know desperate times call for desperate measures – is to take my hand and stick it up my ass and try to bring the crap out of it.”

“Why don’t you write a book about this instead of old TV shows and fast food,” Howard joked with his staffer.

“I want to hear that audiobook,” Robin agreed.