Sal Governale Cries Over Praise From 12-Year-Old Fan

“All these years you get beat up and then somebody says they like you – I’m not used to this,” Stern Show staffer admits

June 24, 2020

Stern Show staffer Sal Governale has received a lot of flak over the years for some of his antics so when a young caller sang his praises on Wednesday morning, he was a bit overwhelmed.

You guys had hypnotized Sal and he was screaming about losing his penis,” a 12-year-old named Sammy recalled of the moment he became a fan of the show. “Me and my dad were laughing for hours … I like Sal a lot, he’s really funny.”

“I got teared up listening to him, I can’t believe this,” a choked up Sal admitted. “All these years you get beat up and then somebody says they like you – I’m not used to this.”

After returning the compliment back to the young caller, Sal explained why he was so touched. “With all the bull crap going on … it’s nice to hear that you’re having a positive impact on somebody, you know?” he said with great emotion. “When you have a sweet, innocent child who’s not affected by people’s opinions … he’s just generally touched by something that’s funny and affects him in a positive way, it makes me feel good.”

When Ralph Cirella phoned in afterwards to ridicule Sal, Howard leapt to his staffer’s defense. “Sal was starved as a child … for affection,” he explained before likening the amount of affection Sal received as a kid to a crumb. “The only crumb he got was when his father would break bread over his head.”

Sal went on to express his gratitude to Howard and the show in general. “The show fills me and you guys fill me and I’m very, very grateful every day for this,” the moved staffer revealed.