VIDEO: Richard Christy Recalls Blowing a Hole in His Floor and Running a Bus Off the Road With Fireworks

“I used to put ‘em in my pants … and light ‘em,” the Stern Show staffer reveals ahead the Fourth of July

June 26, 2020

Richard Christy is no stranger to living dangerously, as the Stern Show staffer once again proved this week.

After an on-air discussion about the disruptive fireworks his colleagues were enduring in their neighborhoods, Richard chimed in and opened up about his own long history with fireworks. “I used to put ‘em in my pants … and light ‘em,” he told Howard.

In one story, Richard recounted lighting Black Cats with his buddies on a school bus … which led to an evacuation and nearly an accident. “It was a blast,” he said.

In another MacGyver-esque yarn, he recalled crafting a homemade firework with gunpowder. “The thing exploded right in my hand and blew a big hole in our floor,” Richard said, explaining that his mother told him to cover the hole up with a chair.

With the Fourth of July around the corner, however, Howard was quick to remind Richard and listeners alike to be as careful as possible this year. “Please do not use fireworks,” he said. “Now is not a good time to go to the hospital with your hand blown off.”

“Happy Fourth of July, everybody,” Richard added.