Howard & Stern Show Staffers Advise Caller on Circumcising His Son Before Sal Governale Shows off His New Trick

“As long as you keep it clean you don’t have a problem,” Fred Norris says of maintaining an uncut member

July 14, 2020

To cut or not to cut?

A caller seeking Howard’s advice on whether or not to circumcise his soon-to-be-born son led to a great debate amongst Stern Show staffers Tuesday. “I feel your pain dude,” Howard told the caller before revealing he was on the fence. “I am so definite that circumcision is wrong, that we were born perfect … I still don’t know whether I would circumcise my son or not.”

Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate – who said his children were circumcised and that he’d make the same decision today – cited uncircumcised staff members who had related problems. “If you talk to most of the guys on the staff who are uncircumcised, at one point or another they’ve had issues whether it be with infections or cleanliness,” he explained.

The uncircumcised Fred Norris, on the other hand, was quick to point out he’s been relatively free of any issues. “I maybe zigged where I should have zagged and it kind of tore a little bit – other than that, smooth sailing,” he said of the one unfortunate event he did experience. “As long as you keep it clean you don’t have a problem, so I don’t know when anybody gets any sort of infections or cheese … just means you’re lazy.”

Staffer Sal Governale – whom Howard declared as having possibly the most famous foreskin in the world – has a complicated relationship with his uncut member. “My whole life growing up it was extremely embarrassing to be uncircumcised,” he revealed. “As I grew older and I came on the show, I learned to really love my foreskin because all the stunts … it became part of my personality.”

Still, he has no regrets in making the decision to have all of his children circumcised. “In spite of me enjoying my penis and I’m on the show, it’s very unlikely that my children will be on future shows to do stunts with their dicks,” Sal reasoned. “I didn’t want them, Howard, to suffer the same humility and embarrassment I did as a child by having an uncut cock.”

If Howard and the rest of the staff were still unsure if the caller should have his son circumcised, what Sal did next certainly helped sway them in either direction. “I’m able to stretch my foreskin and kind of tuck it in my butthole,” Sal said proudly before mimicking the stunt by a male porn star mentioned by colleague Memet Walker recently.

“Does anybody have any idea how unhygienic what just happened is?” Gary asked in disbelief. “You put the head of your dick in your asshole.”

“And he wonders why it stinks,” co-host Robin Quivers chimed in.

“I wish I was having a daughter after that,” the caller added.

After all was said and done, the staff voted a close 5-4 for the caller to go through with the circumcision. “Seeing a guy fuck himself with his own foreskin really does make you change your mind,” staffer Chris Wilding theorized.

“It is wrong 100 percent but I’d probably do it,” Howard said, putting the issue to rest.