Technical Difficulties Prevent Howard From Screening Seth Rogen’s New Film

Actor and comedian returns Wednesday ahead of his August comedy “An American Pickle”

July 28, 2020

Howard found himself in a real pickle over the weekend while preparing for the arrival of Wednesday’s guest Seth Rogen. He and his wife Beth hoped to preview the actor and comedian’s upcoming film “An American Pickle,” in which Seth stars as both a brined-to-the-future pickle maker and his own great-grandson. Sadly, the movie screening gods had something else in mind.

To get an early look at Seth’s new movie, Howard needed to turn to the piracy-preventing digital delivery system Pix. Unfortunately, using Pix was once again easier said than done. “I sit down, I put in the secret code—the secret code doesn’t work. I try for 20 minutes, I give up,” he said on Tuesday morning’s Stern Show.

“I know the real reason the movie studios developed the Pix system,” he continued. “They developed it to torture me because my life was going too easily.”

Turned out Howard isn’t alone is his frustrations. After chatting with Jimmy Kimmel, Howard learned his good friend also constantly struggles with Pix, too. Nevertheless, Howrd kept trying and on Sunday he thought he finally made a breakthrough. “I get into the system, I start the movie, and then the movie stops and goes back to where you have to put the code in,” he told his co-host Robin Quivers.

“You could’ve made the movie for all the time you spent trying to watch it,” Robin said with a laugh.

Howard agreed. “On the bright side, though, I now have enough technical experience to work for NASA,” he concluded.

“An American Pickle” arrives Aug. 6 on HBO Max. Watch the trailer (above).