VIDEO: Wack Packer Sour Shoes Can’t Be Tamed While Joining the Stern Show Live From His Pool

“Nothing with Sour is a straight line,” Stern Show staffer Derek Jones tells Howard

August 10, 2020

Stern Show staffer Derek Jones has had challenging workplace experiences with everyone from co-host Robin Quivers to co-worker Benjy Bronk, but it’s Wack Packer and master impressionist Sour Shoes who has possibly proved to be most difficult to work with.

“Nothing with Sour is a straight line,” Derek told Howard on Monday of a recent rehearsal that went awry. “If you tell him he’s got to go from point A to point B he never goes there in that order. He’s got to like stop and do pull-ups on the trees, he’s got to sing a song to the mailbox, he’s gotta mow the neighbor’s lawn … anything you ask him to do it takes like four hours.”

While rehearsal footage showed Sour drifting off into a rendition of the power ballad “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions, Derek did offer up one strategy that seems to get him back on track. “When you say ‘Michael,’ sometimes it’ll snap him back to reality,” he revealed. “You could say ‘Sour’ a thousand times and he keeps playing the keyboard – Shuli taught me that trick.”

“People don’t understand what goes on behind the scenes, it’s like panning for gold with Sour Shoes,” Howard confirmed of Sour, whom he’s attempted to hire several times over the years. “You have to sift through so much bullshit before you get to the good stuff.”

Donned in a blonde wig and sunglasses, Sour Shoes later showed off his impressions of Jackie the Jokeman and executive producer Gary Dell’Abate while conferenced in from his parents’ pool.

“Look at that floating keyboard,” Robin marveled at the equipment floating in a sea of tinted water. “There’s a boogie board with stuffed animals on it.”

“They fill that pool with rainwater,” Derek noted. “They don’t use a hose to fill it, they let nature do that. That’s why it’s green.”

Watch Sour Shoes’ difficulty with direction in the video (above).