VIDEO: Bobo Compares Calling Into the Stern Show to Writing for ‘Saturday Night Live’

“It’s a lot to come up with topics for the air,” the longtime fan insists

August 11, 2020

Bobo took an opportunity this week to once again complain about how hard it’s been for him to come up with topics to discuss on the Stern Show. While the frequent caller is far from the first person to hit Howard with an airtime-related grievance, he did become the first to suggest calling in somehow resembled working at “SNL.”

“I always say, ‘Calling into this show is almost like being a writer for ‘Saturday Night Live’ because it’s a lot to come up with topics for the air,’” Bobo told Howard on Tuesday.

Howard disagreed. “It is nothing like being a writer for ‘Saturday Night Live.’ You’re not even an employee!” he said.

Indefatigable as always, Bobo continued making his case. “You know how writers try really, really hard for segments and a lot of it doesn’t get on the air?” he said, perhaps referencing Howard’s prior conversations with “SNL” alums like J.B. Smoove and Colin Jost.

Not even the Bobo Puppet was buying it, however. “Live From Florida, another boring Bobo call. Yeah!” it joked.

“It’s gets a little mindboggling, that’s all,” the real Bobo continued. “You wanna try and contribute, you throw something up on the wall to see if it sticks.”

Co-host Robin Quivers, meanwhile, didn’t think Bobo’s argument had stuck. “Usually you just throw something up on the wall and make a mess,” she concluded.