Sal Governale Struggles to Say ‘Russian Roulette’ Before Nailing His New Prank Call to a Pizzeria

“Maybe they’re in a rush to play it?” Stern Show staffer says of pronouncing it “rush and roulette”

August 12, 2020

The list of words and terms Sal Governale struggles with pronouncing grew by one on Wednesday morning when he attempted to reference the deadly game Russian roulette. “It was like rush and roulette to get the letter,” the Stern Show staffer said to Howard of trying to mail a letter to his mom and dad in Italy. “Rush like in a rush and roulette … it’s a game where you put a bullet in a gun and you spin it.”

When pressed to explain how the term came to be, Sal appeared frustrated. “Maybe they’re in a rush to play it?” he guessed. “What do I care about rush and roulette, I’m telling you how lousy the mail system is there … it was rush and roulette – did he get it, did he not? It was a great analogy.”

“I need to rush and fire you actually,” Howard teased before his longtime staffer eventually caught on.

“I think I know where you’re going with this,” Sal announced with some deflation. “Russian roulette … must have come from Russia. There’s a lot going on, man.”

Despite his word struggles, Sal continues to find success with prank calls – his latest to a pizzeria so good it inspired Howard to call him with congratulations. “Sal must have been in heaven because he drove this … poor guy nuts,” Howard remarked of the staffer calling as a man paranoid over COVID-19. “He just really had his way with him.”

During the call, after Sal insisted he wouldn’t have the sauce or cheese because it was imported from Italy and even offered to send a cleaning crew, the restaurant’s employee eventually had enough. “You call me up, you want a dough pizza, you don’t want no sauce, you don’t want no cheese – I got a business to run here,” he said, clearly agitated. “I don’t have time to spend all fucking day on the phone with you … you come down here, I’ll throw you in the fucking oven and I’ll burn any fucking germ off your body.”

Listen to Sal’s latest prank call (below).