Longtime Caller Mariann From Brooklyn Orders Howard a Dr. Now Cameo

“If you stay another five years, I’ll send you a copy of my book,” “My 600-lb Life” star offers to Howard of renewing his contract

August 17, 2020

Longtime caller Mariann from Brooklyn is so determined to persuade Howard to stay at SiriusXM at the end of his contract this year she paid for a Cameo message for him from “My 600-lb Life” star Dr. Now, of whom he is a fan.

“I thought it was amazing, I thought he was so sweet and kind,” Mariann told Howard Monday morning. “It was worth every penny and I’d pay more for you.”

“I loved it,” Howard said of the gesture.

After wishing him well, the surgeon mentioned what Howard means to Mariann and then made his best pitch for him to remain on the airwaves. “She says over 35 years you have been a staple in her life,” Dr. Now pleaded. “Your fans are praying you will stay just a little longer … if you stay another five years, I’ll send you a copy of my book.”

Longtime co-host Robin Quivers seemed taken aback by the whole operation, especially upon learning Mariann wanted him to sing. “He’s a doctor, he operates on people, and he has time for Cameo?” she marveled. “Now she’s trying to direct the doctor to sing – what a life.”