VIDEO: Howard, Gary Dell’Abate, & Lenny Dykstra Gift Robin Quivers for Her Birthday

“I’ll even take my teeth out for you,” a shirtless Lenny offers Robin

August 12, 2020

Longtime co-host Robin Quivers celebrated another trip around the sun this month and to celebrate the occasion, Howard, Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, and baseball legend Lenny Dykstra all got her birthday gifts.

“I’ll even take my teeth out for you,” a shirtless Lenny said in his message to Robin, whom he famously pines for.

Distracted by Lenny’s naked torso, Robin seemed more impressed by Gary’s gift, a Cameo from star magician Penn Jillette. “Gary gave him a bunch of information about me and Penn didn’t get at all that he was talking about me,” she recalled with a laugh.

“You actually have Vincent Price’s ashes?” Penn remarked in his message. “Coffee enemas, what’s wrong with that? Boy, you sound interesting.”

For Howard, who in the past has given Robin everything from a car to jewelry, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. “You rack your brain,” he said of the process. “You know Robin, she’s got everything.”

Eventually choosing to have a full cat habitat commissioned for Robin’s felines that was themed to her house, the painstaking brainstorming paid off. “It was great because [her assistant] Captain Dennis filmed Robin seeing this thing for the first time,” Howard noted. “I liked the feeling of watching Robin see this gift.”

When pressed by frequent caller Bobo on her all-time favorite gift from Howard, Robin had to think. “I love all your gifts but I think if I had to pick it would be … the painting of my house,” she said of his most recent Christmas present to her. “I don’t know how you do it … you have such incredible ideas.”

Watch Lenny’s and Penn’s birthday greetings for Robin in the video (above).