Gary Dell’Abate Might Treat His Foot Issues With Urine After Hearing Testimony From the ‘Water of Life’ Symposium

“It’s our healing water,” one devotee claims of using her own waste medicinally

August 17, 2020

Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, a longtime sufferer of toe fungus, learned of a possible new solution Monday morning when staffers Memet Walker and Mike Trainor shared their experiences at Water of Life, a convention in Las Vegas dedicated to using urine as medicine.

“Right until they gulped their own pee right in front of me, you would think they’re just, yeah, completely normal people,” Memet told Howard of meeting the devotees to the practice. “They didn’t seem bizarre until you find out what they’re into.”

Headed by a man called King and based on a verse in the Bible, Water of Life attendees believe urine to be capable of curing many ailments. “It’s our healing water,” one woman who claims to have been cured of glaucoma and MS said. “I used to have multiple sclerosis … I was diagnosed in 2000 and 2017 I was rid of it. I drink through my nose, I put it in my ears, I put it in my eyes, I gargle with it, and I use it on my face.”

“Virtually every health problem that I had has gone away,” another follower stated emphatically. “There was so many that I made a list, I mean I had blood work that was reversed after years of problems.”

Another explained how King turned him onto the practice. “He walked up to me and said, ‘Are you drinking your piss yet?’” the attendee recalled. “He pulls up this cup and he takes his Johnson out, he urinates in that cup … he put it up to his mouth and he drank and all I saw was his Adam’s apple going up and down and I went crazy.”

“Could you imagine staying friends with someone after they whipped out their penis, like peed into a cup and drank it in front of you?” Memet wondered. “You would have to cut that person out of your life, wouldn’t you?”

Conference goers at one point gathered around to taste one woman’s two-year-old urine, all treating it like a fine wine. “Champagne gets better with age, same with our own fluids,” the maker explained.

“If I had my eyes closed, I’m in the wilderness or forest, somewhere where things grow,” King observed before giving it a swig. “It tastes like clams, crab, and lobster.”

After another woman praised the sweetness of her urine grapes, Mike tried them for himself. “It tasted like a good grape,” he admitted. “It was a year ago, I haven’t sought out any piss since.”

When a caller reported that peeing on his feet helped with his foot issues, Gary seemed more than open to trying the remedy. “I’ve done everything you can imagine,” Gary said, including getting his feet shocked by his podiatrist. “What’s the big deal, I’ll pee on my toes, see what happens. I’ll put them together and I’ll just piss on them.”

Hear more on Memet and Mike’s time at the Water of Life Symposium (below).