VIDEO: ‘Alex Jones’ Launches Info Wars Jr. to Vaccinate Children Against Coronavirus Propaganda

“This is the first anti-globalist, educational, entertainment kids network,” the host tells Howard

August 18, 2020

“Alex Jones” just dropped a coronavirus-related bombshell.

On Tuesday, the Info Wars host returned to the Stern Show and told Howard of his plans to inoculate America’s youth against COVID-19 propaganda by launching a brand-new kids network: Info Wars Jr.

“The globalist occultists use the corona hoax to take our children out of schools. We need now more than ever to educate the youth,” he told Howard, explaining Info Wars Jr. would be the first ever “anti-globalist, educational, entertainment kids network.”

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers were speechless as Alex previewed several upcoming Info Wars Jr. shows: “Jeffrey Epstein Island,” “Sub-humanoid Square Pants,” and “Slime Time!” featuring George Soros.

“Alex” was also visited by Epstein’s ghost at one point and the two debated the merits of several products Jones is hawking, including a signed guitar and three years of Liberty Food Buckets.

“It doubles as a piss bucket,” the host insisted. “Double-value deal.”