Gary Dell’Abate Is Having Difficulty Finishing

“It was just like nothing would happen,” Stern Show executive producer reveals to Howard

August 19, 2020
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary Dell’Abate is having trouble finishing what he started.

The Stern Show executive producer admitted to Howard Wednesday morning that since recovering from knee replacement surgery earlier this month, he’s had issues with ejaculating. “Lucas was up at school, Jackson was out running an errand, and Mary was out walking the dog so, you know, I’ve got a limited amount of time,” he said of an attempt to masturbate while his family was out of the house. “I was hard, I just couldn’t finish – that was the weird part.”

Gary thinks the culprit is most likely the cocktail of medications he is on as part of his surgical recovery. “I think it’s 14 or 15 pills,” Gary said of the meds he has to take in the morning alone. “Something in there is fucking with, you know, that part of my system.”

Howard and longtime co-host Robin Quivers were taken aback at Gary’s struggles as both have witnessed his insatiable nature. “Gary always gets hard, like he used to get hard during the show if a hot chick would walk in,” Howard noted. “We were on stage and he got a boner.”

“The whole audience, and cameras, and everything – nothing stops Gary,” Robin agreed.