VIDEO: Jeff the Drunk Complains About Being Unable to Leave Shuli Egar a Voicemail

“I was calling to prove a f-cking point,” the Wack Packer insists

August 19, 2020

Shuli Egar has long been considered one of the Stern Show’s most effective Wack Pack handlers, but on Wednesday he admitted he’s had his hands full since the start of quarantine. He said he gave them all his cell number once he started working from home—and now they won’t stop calling him. As if on cue, Shuli’s diatribe was interrupted by a call from Jeff the Drunk.

“Jeff, you know Shuli’s on the air. Why do you start calling him immediately?” Howard asked the Wack Packer. “You know he’s not going to pick up.”

“I was calling to prove a fucking point. Whenever I call this guy it goes right to voicemail and I can’t even leave a message,” Jeff responded.

Shuli conceded his mailbox was indeed full, but as he saw it the blame lied with Jeff and his Wack Pack colleagues. “Here’s the order of voicemails I have … Underdog, Underdog, Gary the Conqueror, Underdog, Underdog, Tan Mom, Sour Shoes, Underdog, High Register Sean,” Shuli told Howard. “Over the last 24 hours these voicemails dropped.”

Jeff kept grumbling about not being able to get through, but Howard still couldn’t understand his desperate need to talk to Shuli in the first place. “What did you want to leave a message about?” he asked the Wack Packer.

“The fact that I couldn’t leave a message!” Jeff said.