VIDEO: Benjy Bronk Details How He Chose His New Therapist

“She has a nice face, she’ll be nice to talk to on Zoom,” Stern Show staffer says of his decision

August 21, 2020

When Stern Show staffer Benjy Bronk set out to find a new therapist, the criteria he used went beyond credentials and experience. “I get really, like, perfectionist about which one I’m going to pick,’ Benjy explained of the process to Howard Wednesday morning. “I finally said you know … she has a nice face – she’ll be nice to talk to on Zoom.”

As far as why Benjy is entering into therapy, it could be related to what some colleagues see as difficult behavior. “I’m worried about him probably more than anyone else on staff … he really snaps at people,” co-worker Mike Trainor told Howard before clarifying further with Benjy. “I think you’re a contrarian by nature which can be interesting and I like talking to you but yes, sometimes being contrarian is just ridiculous and it gets you into ridiculous arguments that make no sense.”

Howard and longtime co-host Robin Quivers both said that if anything, they felt empathy for Benjy’s new therapist. “I just feel for that poor woman … he’s gonna make her listen to him for an hour,” Robin teased.

“I guarantee you that psychiatrist will quit being a psychiatrist after she has five sessions with this fuckin’ maniac,” Howard joked.

Watch more of the exchange in the video (above).