VIDEO: Ronnie Mund and King of All Blacks Spar Over Voting, Vegas, and Fur Coats

“Shut this motherf-cker off because I’m going to go right through this fucking computer,” Howard’s longtime limo driver yells

September 9, 2020

A simple political discussion devolved into a full-blown shouting match Wednesday morning after longtime caller King of All Blacks accused staffer Ronnie Mund of lying about being an undecided voter.

The conversation began with Ronnie insisting he hadn’t decided who to support in November. Howard and co-host Robin Quivers were skeptical, especially considering his longtime limo driver has had months to make up his mind. “I believe that Ronnie knows who he’s voting for. I find it hard to believe that there are still undecideds out there,” Howard said.

Tempers flared after King of All Blacks called to concur with Howard. “[Ronnie’s] not undecided. This is the most polarized election in the history of America and he doesn’t know who he’s voting for?” he said.

“No, I don’t!” Ronnie shouted. “If you don’t want to believe what I’m saying, fine—don’t believe it. I don’t give a fuck!” he added.

Next, King of All Blacks mocked Ronnie for his much-discussed decision to retire in Sin City. “What idiot moves to Vegas?” he asked.

That’s when Ronnie grew apoplectic. “Shut this motherfucker off because I’m going to go right through this fucking computer. Fuck him, this stupid fucking asshole motherfucker. Who the fuck does he think he is? What’s wrong with moving to Vegas?” he yelled. “Your fucking father gave you everything. He gave you a fancy house, fancy cars, a lot of fucking money. That’s all you ever talk about us your fancy stuff.”

“Who the hell walks around with a fucking fur coat?” Ronnie added.

“Me!” King of All Blacks responded before reiterating Howard was the one who’d first been skeptical of Ronnie’s undecided status.

“I don’t care what Howard fucking said!” Ronnie screamed. “I don’t give a shit! He can say whatever he wants. He can say I fucking voted for the fucking Black Crowes. I don’t give a fuck!”

The staffer grew so animated while shouting Howard ended the call out of concern. “You go calm down,” he told Ronnie. “You’re turning beet red.”