AUDIO: Wendy the Slow Adult Hits on Flustered Radio Host in New Phony Phone Call

“I’m in love with you, damn it,” Wack Packer proclaims during prank

September 21, 2020
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Of course Howard always enjoys hearing Wendy the Slow Adult tell him how much she loves him, but how would an unsuspecting internet radio host feel about the Wack Packer professing her romantic feelings for him?

“I’m really flattered that’s really great and I’m glad you like the show,” the host started off saying in a new phony phone call debuted on Monday. “But I am married, been married a few years.”

“I’m in love with you dammit, I want to be with you,” Wendy responded, unwilling to take no for an answer. “I cannot stop thinking about you. I care about you every freaking night.”

The host tried to let Wendy off gently but after she broke wind and demanded he rub ointment on her rash he abruptly hung up, only to receive a call from her irate “husband,” Gary the Conqueror. “What’s the big idea?” the fellow Wack Packer asked. “You know what you did. You hit on my wife … don’t play dumb.”

Despite his insistence that he did nothing wrong, pressure from Gary for an apology eventually led to the frustrated host breaking down. “I promise I’m not going to bang your wife – can we move on now?” he pleaded.

Hear Wendy and Gary’s latest phony phone call in the audio (below).