VIDEO: Ralph Cirella Challenges Richard Christy to an I.Q. Test Rematch

“There’s no f-cking way Richard is smarter than me,” Howard’s longtime stylists insists

October 1, 2020

In 2010, Stern Show staffers, Wack Packers, and other friends of the show took an I.Q. test and Howard revealed the results live on the on air. His longtime stylist Ralph Cirella scored an above-average 112 but finished five points below staffer Richard Christy. On Wednesday, over a decade later, Ralph called in to complain.

“There’s no fucking way Richard is smarter than me. I want a rematch on the I.Q. test.,” Ralph said, suggesting he could never lose to a guy who goes to bars with feces on his jeans and trips on the sidewalk and injures his pinky. “It shouldn’t even be close.”

Howard was intrigued. “Richard, would you be willing to take another I.Q. test to help Ralph out here?” he asked.

But his staffer wasn’t having it. “I refuse to take another I.Q. test,” Richard said. “The results stand for them self. I am smart.”

Ralph theorized his score had suffered because he was hungover the day of the test, but co-host Robin Quivers saw fault in his logic. “Well, then Richard shouldn’t have any I.Q.,” Robin laughed, referring to the staffer’s well-known history of partying hard and chugging beer through his butt.

Heavy drinking can impair brain function, according to most research, but Richard believed he’d actually grown more intelligent over the years. “I think working at this show makes you smarter because we use our brains all day,” he said.

Howard disagreed, even going so far as to wonder whether his staffer might’ve cured cancer if not for all the drinking. Regardless, it seemed another I.Q. test wasn’t in the cards. “There’s going to be no rematch today, sorry to say,” Howard told Ralph.